Knits / Woven

The ICOMATEX Stenter gives you a wide range of options to let you be able to process the fabric the way you like it.

ICOMATEX Stenter is fully produced in Europe, and features the latest in technology.

The stenter is available in 2 versions, the IC-10 model for knitted goods, and the IC-8 for woven fabrics.

Our highly efficient chambers are 3mts long.  Two fans controlled by independent frequency inverters  are installed in each chamber  to be able to adjust the amount of air in each type of fabric or process.

With the IC-PROD production management system you can control the whole machine from two touchscreens, the first one placed at the operator platform and  the other one at the exit part of the machine.

The Stenter is available with the heating-system of your choice. Gas, thermal oil, steam, electricity or by combining Steam + electricity or our DUAL HEAT system that allows you to work with gas or thermal oil depending on the customer.

With the “IC-Remote” system, you can access the online suport that  we offer directly from our facilities with programmers and technicians directly from ICOMATEX.