Chambers / Heating systems

Direct Gas

Indirect gas

Thermal oil- Steam- Electric heat exchangers

Combination of gas with steam or with thermal oil

Airflow control

The DUAL-AIR airflow system features independent regulation of the airflow of the up and down blowing nozzleswith speed inverters.
Digital indication is displayed in the front panel in %. Using the DUAL-AIR also reduces the energy consumption compared to a damper controlled airflow system.


The DUAL-HEAT system can also be used in regions where the gas supplies are unstable from time to time. With the DUAL-HEAT there will be no loss of production due to loss of gas pressure.

By-pass system

By-Pass system for air deflection during chain stops, allowing the fans to remain running but avoiding the hot air to directly blow on the fabric. The system allows the air to recirculate and therefore avoid drops in temperature during chain stops.

Chain running

Chain stopped