Stenters, dryers, washing ranges. If you have any problem with any other finishing machine, do not hesitate to contact us.

The problem


Your customers complain about late deliveries and do not produce the amount they want.

User frustation

The operator cannot control the machine. The plant manager does not know what to do.


Money just flies away.

Obsolete spare parts

There are not spare parts because your machine is very old. Everything is very expensive. Repairs go on forever.The machine is stoped.

Insufficient analysis

Will the shrinking test of the fabric ok? Is thed width ok? what defect can my customer find?

The solution

If your machine is mechanically fine and you don’t want to change it entirely, put a new electronic system and dedicate yourself to produce and not just solving yechnical problems.

Electrical cabinet

Schneider technology

Electrical layouts

All updated

Remote assistance

We can remotly connect to your machine

Do you want to receive a budget adjusted to your needs?