Padder-Foulard FL2 / FL3


The FL2 Padder have 2 squeezing cylinders with a hardness Shore adapted to each customer needs. The Inlet of the unit is made of metallic construction with a set of stainless steel tensioning bars, adjustable to have a constant fabric tension.
The speed between the padder and the stenter is controlled by a compensator with load cells.
Padding pressure is adjustable between 0 and 12.000kg.

PADDER ICOMATEX FL3 – 2 dip 2 nip

The FL3 model padder is a compact unit that features 3 squeezing rollers to get a double padding without using up the floor space of 2 single padders 2 separate liquid tanks to give the option to use one for water and the second tank for chemicals.
The padder can be equipped with automatic dosing of chemicals into the tank.
All the controls are very operator friendly and easily accessible on the machine frame by a touchscreen. The supporting frames are made of high section steel plate, inter assembled to form a single unit.