Automation – ICPROD

Production management system

15 ”color touch screen installed on the front panel of the atenter with access to all the machine controls.
Auxiliary touch screen installed at the exit part of the machine that allows the operation of all the main commands . This extra screen allows the machine to continue working even without the main screen.
Control and adjustment of: Temperature, speed, Independent width for the entry , exit and on each chamber , fabric overfeed, output cylinder, etc …
On the ICPROD program you can storage the different parameters and data that you have used in different qualities, with the possibility of retrieving them in the future.

The ICPROD system includes:

  • Production control
  • Configuration of recipes for process control.
  • Recipte formula
  • Batch control
  • Backup of ald batches.
  • Possibility of controlling incidents
  • Online alarms
  • Maintenance: Maintanance greasing management , programmable maintenance control.
  • Possibility of access through company network with IC-Remote option, enables online technical assistance


The IC-REMOTE allows the technical assistance through internet without need of travelling.
This configuration can be connected to ICPROD computerized stenters

ICOMATEX delivered all the machines with a copy of the programs on a USB so that the customer has the copy of the program without any additional cost.