ICORELAX - Relax Dryers

The newly developed ICOMATEX - ICORELAX dryer, achieves the maximum quality for all kinds of fabrics.

Prepared for open width or tubular fabrics. An overfeeding unit allows to feed fabric in a relaxed way to achieve a good handling and shrinkage. Extra units such as pad mangle for chemicals or a pin frame for fabric control can also be installed.
                             Icomatex - Icorelax
The nozzles play one of the most important roles in the dryers:

The ICORELAX uses special nozzles with a controlled "Wave", according to the specific needs of each type of fabric. All nozzles have a "click-cleaning" system to split the nozzles and do the cleaning without using any tools. The high power fans have an airflow regulation and a very compact design in order to save the energy as much as possible.
  • Compact design
  • Preassembled chambers to minimise erection time
  • Highly efficient circulation fans
  • Available with IC-PROD, production management system
  • Nozzles with "click-cleaning" system
  • Modular design for easy upgrade
  • Available with automatic moisture control, and humidity control
  • The ICORELAX dryer handles both tubular aswell as open width fabrics.
  • Heating system will be of your choice, Gas bruner, Thermal Oil or Saturated steam.
  • Tensionless conveying system for totally relaxed drying process
  • Highly efficient circulation fans in every chamber
  • Automatically controlled temperature in each chamber
  • Specially designed nozzles, with system for easy cleaning
  • Filtersystem reachable from the outside, without the need to open any doors or panels
  • Available with different infeedings systems, such as pinframe, spreaders
  • Available with IC-PROD production management sytem and processcontrol
  • Moisture control and humidity control is available on request
  • Due to the modular design and preassembled chamber sections, the erection time is dramatically reduced


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