ICOMATEX - Auto-Speed system.
Processing fabric at the maximum speed.
At ICOMATEX we have been worried about the poor performance that some stenters have in many units. Many efforts are made on the dyeing process trying to reduce the price and use of chemicals, water, lowering process time, etc etc, but what about the stenter? Who sets the speed? Will you get less quality processing fabric at higher speed and maybe lower temperature? Some times (in fact many times), the answer is NO. Is your stenter giving you enough money or is it just a cost? Do not forget this machine is made to make money.

Stenter models IC-10 plus and IC-8 plus are currently equipped with our new Auto-Speed system. This system sets the highest possible speed in the processes of heat setting, without having to rely on any operator.
We just need to introduce into our software some basic parameters and the machine automatically sets the optimum working speed to maintain the quality of each fabric.

Thanks to the ICPROD, each company can work at top speed in the heat setting process with the consequent increase in production and savings in energy costs per meter produced to be more competitive.
Pressing more or less with the padder, giving just a bit more % of overfeed will result on different amount of moisture which needs to be dried but the stenter runs at the same speed because the recipe says it. Recipes do not know if the fabric has more or less moisture, if the cylinder is giving the right amount of overfeed because the rubber which covers it has more or less grip. Our system can help you on that.
How much money would mean getting just 1 meter per minute extra in your machine??? Please make the calculation because that meter comes almost for free.