ICOVAC - Vacuum Systems

For installations where it’s only needed to extract the humidity or to remove the excess of chemical applied on the fabric, we have an independent vacuum suction assembly, which consists of a suction body, separation filter, vacuum pump and separation exhaust.

The unit is delivered as a compact assembly for an easy integration with the rest of the machine.
          Some of the uses of the vacuum slot are:
  • Stenters – reducing the humidity before the stenter: better padder pickup, higher speed.
  • Dryers – reducing the humidity before the drying process: higher speed.
  • Winding at the exit of jiggers, pad batch – reducing the excess moisture.
  • Between washing tanks – improving the efficiency and allowing better pickup.
A Vacuum system can be installed on any existing stenter or drying line.

By installing an ICOVAC system to your existing finishing line can increase your production with little investment.



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