IC-PROD - Production management system

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Production management system
ICPROD automatic production and management control system with a 15" colour touch screen installed in the front panel, with access to all the main controls on the stenter.

An extra auxiliary touch screen is installed at the exit of the machine to allow operation of all the main commands. This secondary screen also serves as a backup screen.

With the IC-PROD you can store the different qualities in the system so that it is easy to recall in a later stage.

It also gives the advantage of looking at the history of the performance of the machine to see how much were the production during a set period of time.
The ICPROD system includes:

· Production control
· Recipe formula for different qualities
· Batch control
· Possibility of checking incidences
· On-line alarms
· Maintenance
· Ability to connect and access through a company network
· With the optional IC-REMOTE, allows online technical assistance
Remote Assistance
The IC-REMOTE allows technical assistance through the internet.

Updates, service, monitoring can be done instantly online, without the need of sending a technician.

IC-REMOTE can be attached to all machines using IC-PROD management system.
Automatic Heat setting Control
  During heat setting it is very difficult to know the optimum speed at which the machine can run at.

To be able to get the maximum out of the machine and in the same time ensure that a correct heat setting and well time are being maintained, the ICOMATEX stenter can be equipped with pyrometers, which detect the temperature of the fabric itself.
The automatic heat setting can be added in the IC-PROD system.

After the operator enters the desired temperature and dwell time values, the machine will automatically detect at which point the fabric is dry and the heat setting process will start and calculate the optimum speed and take care of the process for you.
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