Fabric feeding / Inlet

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Fabric Feeding
Depending on the model of the stenter, the machine comes with either 3 or 6m entry rails.
The rails are guided by high torque motors that are controlled by a highly accurate and fast guiding system.
With sensors constantly monitoring the edge of the fabric to always keep the pinning as close to the edge of the fabric as possible.
Overfeeding cylinders driven by inverter controlled servomotors for a completley variable overfeed.
6 meter entry with vertical pin & clip chain
Pinning system
Pinning wheels covered with special rubber and brushwheels at the end, driven by inverter controlled motors, independently on both sides of the fabric gives full control over the pinning of the fabric.
The pinning wheels also features a pneumatic pressure control, to be able to adjust the wheel pressure for delicate fabric qualities.
Chain & Rails
IC-10 vertical chain with stainless steel pinplates. IC-10 vertical chain withPin & Clip IC-8 Horitzontal chain, lubricated or non-lubricated
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